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Love Wins: Covid-19

Updated: May 27, 2020

The world is a strange place at the moment, people are facing such difficult and distressing news. Losing very special people, special moments and special occasions, everyone is affected and everyone is trying to work together to saves lives by staying indoors.

It’s possibly the only time during my lifetime that the world and everyone in it is facing the same situation, experiencing the same feelings and living their lives, just like I am mine. I find some comfort in that but I am also, along with a lot of people finding this so surreal.

Not a lot of positive emotions, feelings or words are associated with Covid-19 or Coronavirus but I wanted to associate one, LOVE. I felt I had a duty as a photographer to document this (hopefully) once in a lifetime pandemic, I am invited into so many peoples lives at the most important, special and intimate moments documenting pure happiness and celebrating love, it was only natural I documented this.

I wanted to capture that even though the world is rippled with sadness, behind every closed door there is kindness, happiness and love and


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