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Proposal Session


(1 hours approx)

  • Location of your choice

  • 15 of your favourite photographs digitally downloaded

  • Optional to order more

  • 10 % discounted Engagement Session

  • 10% discounted Wedding Packages

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How it Works

private moments undisturbed

If you're looking for your proposal session to be secretly capture so the moment isn't disturbed you're in the right place. This is becoming ever more popular so you have the moment that is over so quickly capture for a lifetime. The images are breathtaking and full of emotion, it really is a magical moment for me to capture but for you to keep.

I'm here to help - not just for the photography. Planning, setting up, distractions, ideas, use me at your disposal as I know how difficult and stressful planning and orchestrating this can be, especially on your own. We can plan this together, via email and at times that suit you so that nothing is given away. I can light candles before your arrival, I can hide in the bushes so I am not noticed and the moment is truly natural, I can even set up the scene ready for your arrival - as its an intimate moment I totally understand involving as little people as possible in the set up.

After the proposal moment I do offer a photo session capturing you both, in a relaxed and informal manner. We will celebrate, dance and even champagne spray (upon request). Have the moment captured, its one to truly remember.

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